Max Stein Profile Picture Hi, I'm Max.
I am an Engineer with a passion for mobile apps, Open Source, Blockchain, and iOS.
Worked with

Currently working as an iOS focused Staff Engineer at Uber
While at Amazon, I developed Car Mode, featured in Audible ads on television.

Built a new rating system which increased Audible's reviewer count from 6,000 to over 220,000. The rating system got us an App Store rating of 4.9, helping us become the #1 Books app.

Audible Amazon
I've also worked with many other companies, including:
EA AHAlife King Diapers
Twelve years ago I started my career as a programmer. I have built websites, applications, video games, services, and Open Source frameworks.
Now in Theatres Now in Theatres
Audible Car Mode Audible Car Mode

In addition to my work with Amazon as an iOS Engineer, I run a team that constructs iOS, Android, and Blockchain apps.

While creating these applications we
focus on design, branding, marketing,
and development.

We develop high-quality applications for our client's ideas and products. Working with you, we can make your vision come
to life.

Some of the projects we've built
Open Source
We love Open Source! Check out our GitHub to see the code for several of
our apps, along with Open Source frameworks, tutorials and more.
Contact Us
Are you looking to build an application? My team and I are ready to take on
iOS, Android, and Blockchain projects big or small. We design, brand, develop,
and market world class applications. You can contact us here.